About the Blogger

Yofiel L is professionally a lecturer at a tertiary education institute, where Yofiel inspires youths to live positively while attaining high academic achievement, coordinates various academic programs, and manages staff development events such as health and wellness programs including but not limited to those about mindfulness, healthy diets and yoga.

Yofiel has also walked the spiritual path for the past 10 plus years with all walks of life such as her own kind (clairvoyants), telepaths and empaths. Yofiel also has the experiences of working with various natural medicines such as ayahuasca and bufo which have brought about her recent spiritual breakthroughs and inspired the conception of her blog on true happiness and love, My Journey Back to Love.

Yofiel is also a raw vegan. Please email suemail1111@gmail.com or go to Instagram: truehappiness1111.

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