2 Pieces of Knowledge Sent from the Universe

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For those of you who read my other posts, you would know the universe would occasional dish out useful knowledge for my growth and understanding purposes. I would just see it in my mind’s eyes, feel it or hear it at times but mostly see and feel, not so much as hear. For seeing it is always inside the mind and for feeling it is both internal and external like sometimes I feel the sensations on my skin while at times the feelings are inside the torso. So far I have only experienced great joy and happiness when truths arrive in various forms like a burst of warmth and happiness inside me and a cool and still yet brisk feeling on the skin. I do encourage those of you who experience similar feelings to talk about it with me here or privately! Go to my Instagram (truehappiness1111) and we can chat!

Everyone is special

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I had a feeling of being special ever since I was a few years old. Now I am not saying I am a little snowflake, I am better than you or I rule the world kind of special but I started to feel an inherent feeling of being special from a young age. It is a feeling of I am supposed to be something to do something but I dont know what and how. Every few years I would experience an explosive feeling of wanting to have an energy explosion because I felt like my specialty has not been used. I would literally feel there is energy bottled up inside me which is not being used in the way it should and I would feel it explode like a bomb. I could feel the energy vibrate out like how a bomb would explode and then I d feel “normal” again until the next time it happens. This I held onto for years because I have no idea what it is. To this day I still do not know what it is but one time when I was walking around where I work I just felt this brisk cold feeling again and I felt in my heart and my torso this warm yet still cool feeling and what comes with it is the knowledge that everyone is truly special. It was as if I tapped into someone else’s knowledge from the future that knows about what the truth of the world and everyone actually is, to an extent.

Usually when things like this happen if I do not mark it down the memory would fade away almost instantly and I guess it is because it is not of my own knowledge so I do not have the neuron pathways to retain it or reproduce it? So nowadays I make sure when I have experience like this I mark it down immediately. Now what did this help? It helps to eliminate the dangerous future of me turning into a prideful person, feeling I was special while others might not be as special. This is is not the parents trying to make their kids feel OK by saying they are special awww but in truth EVERYONE IS SPECIAL for REAL. I understand if many of you do not feel special even though you are indeed. In my experience, I was often told something before I had the blessing to experience them and then understand it better. So perhaps for you this is the precursor to your awakening of feeling special or something else I write in this post. πŸ™‚

Everything is good

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This is going to be controversial and I do not expect myself to be able to explain this in a logical sense at all. I was sitting at my desk thinking how it could be that the Universe is all good because there are murders and other unfortunate things on the news even though people who seem to be in the know do believe that and there are plenty of saying like all is good, etc. It was at that time suddenly I felt elevated in my energy especially at the area above my head and I felt a high joyful feeling that shows YES IT IS ALL GOOD and in my minds eyes appear a picture of a colourful field full of people having different experiences and the feelings are all good and high in vibrations. I felt it is all good because everything in the universe is having all these different experiences including the “negative” ones. It felt so true and solid there was no doubt I almost had a tear coming out of my eyes. The feeling was as if even those perceived negative incidents were good too because experiences themselves are beneficial . That was when the feeling starts to subside, when my logical brain starts to try to understand how that is possible.

This happens a lot, good feelings and understand leaving as soon as my mind tries to intervene. It feels frustrating sometimes because no one wants to blindly believe in feelings and things the mind cannot explain but at the same time my experience is that when it comes to the universal understanding the more you try to hold on with your mind the worse it gets and the farther away from truth you go. Therefore, I advise you to read this at your own judgement. It is up to you how you choose to live your life and what you choose to believe. I believe if you have questions you should ask and search for your own truth. After all, I feel like perhaps we are like a bunch of blind people trying to make our\t what an elephant is like. We are all touching smelling feeling it and no one perspective would include the whole elephant so it might be that I would get the rear end of it and you will get the front of it. πŸ™‚

It is in my honest believe that everyone can experience things that I have experienced and receive knowledge from the universe the way I have. I believe if we cleanse ourselves from our non-positive vibes more and clear more of our blockages, we would be able to receive increasingly more information from the universe which would benefit our lives.

I must thank you all again for keeping up with my posts and showing me your support. It is my pleasure to be here to show what I have experienced and hopefully provide assistance to anyone who requires it. Much love and appreciation for you all.

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