My Ayahuasca Healing Part 4 (Day 4 & 5)

Look away if you are easily scared now lol. This might be a bit scary to you guys. I wouldn’t want you to be looking over your shoulders after reading this. However, if you like an interesting and perhaps a little bit scary story.Read on! 😀 The names of the people in this post have been changed to protect their privacy.

Ever since the first 2 ceremonies (click here for Part 1/ Part 2/ Part 3), my awareness has heightened a lot. On day 4, there was something different in the air. It was a particular chilly day and I did not feel particularly great because I constantly felt like there was something around me or behind me. I usually am not the paranoid type and I definitely do not feel that kind of feelings often. I had been in the retreat for 5 days already and I did not for a single time felt that way before that and it felt very unpleasant.

It got worse when it got darker. The compose toilets were outside the hostel premises so I had to use my flash light to get there. For 4 nights all I felt was serenity and peace in this part of nature yet that night it felt disturbing. The wind was blowing strong in a strange way. Together with that moody feeling in the air, the feeling of constantly having someone behind my back just deepened and throughout my walk to the toilet I was constantly checking my back as if there was really someone. The sensation and feelings were just taunting seeping into my skin. It did not feel like a welcoming energy whatever that was. I kept telling myself I was just paranoid but now that I thought about it, there was really no reason why I would suddenly become paranoid. *For those who think it is just because I had ayahuasca, I must point out you probably have never even tried it. So I would appreciate if you do not set up in your mind an idea about things you do not know. That is much more helpful to your subconscious than recklessly categorising ideas. You are welcome. :D* That night, I tried to make my toilet trip as short and quick as possible. It was pitch dark by the way and all I had was a cell phone flash light. It was like I was living in the Blair Witch Project.

The next day at the breakfast table I found out I was very highly likely not paranoid at all as I over heard something probably pretty scary to you guys. two other participants (Jay and Walter) were placed together in the same room and during that night Jake woke up and saw a person-like shadow walking towards his bed looking at him through his mosquito net. It was really dark and naturally he thought that was Walter. Jay whispered at him, “Walter? What is it?” But as soon as the shadow realised Jay noticed him, he changed his direction and walked towards the door. Jay thought Walter must have wanted to go to the lull and so out of kindness and consideration, he asked if he has got his flashlight with him? “Walter? Did you take your flash light? Take it. Its dar outside.” Yet “Walter” did not respond and continued his way to the door. That got jay worried since there were tree roots growing out fro the ground everywhere in the retreat and especially towards the way to the lull. So he raised his voice a little. “Walter. you hearing me? Walter?” “Walter” continued walking closer and closer to the door and Jay just couldn’t wait anymore and in attempt to help his friend so he wouldn’t fall and hurt himself he yelled out loud, “WALTER!”

“WHAT!?” Walter screamed out loud, except it didnt come from the direction of the door way which was to Jay’s right. Jay looked over to where he heard Walter’s voice and there was he, ON HIS BED, at the completely opposite direction to the door. Jay was astonished. He looked back at the door way with his flashlight on and saw there was No One. The door was closed. There was no noise made during the period they responded to each other. He then shone his light at Walter and Walter was just there safely in bed looking at him through his mosquito net. Jay immediately asked him if he walked towards the door way before even though he knew it was physically impossible for Walter to have done that. Of course Walter said no. Then Jay told him what he saw and as expected he was freaked out a bit too. Funny enough they could still fall asleep again after this mysterious encounter.

After they shared their stories, we were told that there was actually a story that is passed down by the Peruvians that sometimes at night or early in the morning, spirits would come from the jungle and lure people into the woods. The reason why they do that was not told to us. Perhaps they do not know it themselves either. After the delicious raw vegan breakfast, the atmosphere seemed to have become normal again in the retreat. I did not feel anything weird anymore around me and we all tried to get ready both mentally and physically again for the Night 5: Ceremony 3 is coming.

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