Perspective Changes Happiness

Usually when I go on a trip I am very happy. A lot of spiritual experiences happen and I am more relaxed seeing different kinds of architecture, culture and people. However, this trip I thought wasn’t that great. I did not feel the same thrill and actually I felt stressed because I had a lot of filming and my own work to do.

Today when I was shopping around for grocery I felt as if I was still working. The truth is I had to hop from one place to another doing a food related project with a team and hence the nice food I have been showing here. Honestly usually I would be very happy eating all the raw vegan food I can as a job yet I did not feel happy. My heart was always thinking about when it will be over from restaurant to restaurant. I only wanted to go sight seeing and look at temples, shrine etc. At the time I was buying grocery I have been here already for four days but I have only officially been to one temple but I have already filmed at quite a few eateries. I felt like I was wasting my holiday away not doing what I want.

However, it was also exactly at that moment I had a completely different thought. If I just change my perspective on how I view this trip, things would be completely different. Instead of viewing it as a leisure vacation only, view it as I knew it was going to be. A work trip in which I got to eat tons of tasty food. For the first time I didn’t have to worry about finding raw vegan food on a trip knowing exactly where to go and what to eat and they are all great food too! Did I enjoy the food when I was eating it? Yes. They were all very delicious. Yes I was in a bit of a hurry but I did like all the food I had. I also turned down the thought that it was for work only. What I did all these days were eating great food. I have been doing what I want for work which is a dream to many people and on top of that I got to visit a temple today! I had great food which is what I always want to have during a vacation. I learnt a lotabout filming. And I I got to do sight seeing as well. How could I complain about any of these???? As far as learning in life is concerned, this has been a golden opportunity!

Just with this change of perspective, instead of thinking I didn’t check anything off of my sight seeing list, I checked almost everything off already for learning and growing. This made me super grateful and happy, in an unexpected way as well. This proves to me it is at least sometimes possible that perspectives are all it takes to change our happiness level from low to high. And honestly in this case for me, what would the sight seeingdo for me anyway? It is highly possible that they are just pass time and a pain killer to numb my internal issues which are better off being let out and dealt with, like now. Sight seeing and everything else mean little if they do not make me grow. This job I took up did. For that I am super grateful. 🙂 Try seeing what makes you upset currently in a different perspective rather than the only one you can think of which makes you upset now and see if you can turn a new leaf.

Also I promised you the raw vegan sushi rolls! I didn’t forget! Here it comes! It is a raw fish liver sushi dish. It looks just like leaves but it tasted exactly like fish lol. The pad Thai salad that comes with it is insanely delicious as well. They made radish noodles that taste like pad Thai noodles. Of course the texture isn’t the same but the flavour is bomb. I have no idea how they do all these. Oh yea they have raw vegan pan cakes and ice cream as well lol If you ever go to Tokyo you have to go there and try them all!

As Always, Stay High and Flexible in Perspectives!

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